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Secret for a Song - S.K. Falls Uhm, no. I'm giving my two stars to the Hero of this story and some of the secondary characters, because the heroine was completely despicable.

Before you decide to chop my head off, let me explain. I get it, she has Munchausen Syndrome, you could say that it was her Syndrome talking and not her. I don't know much about it, but the way it was described in this book made it sound like some kind of Little Princess Syndrome or Attention Whore Syndrome. "Me, me me. Look at me, love me, adore me, feel sorry for me."
The beginning was good. The very first sentence of the book made my jaw drop:
I ate my first needle when I was seven.
I was all "Oh, this one got to be good." But you get to read more of her monologues and you go "WTF is wrong with you?" How can a person have completely no regard for other peoples feelings? I was hating her before I met other characters in the story. But the part that absolutely disgusted me was when she started volunteering at the hospital. Now, don't get too exited, she didn't do it to help anybody, she did it because she wanted to get access to medical equipment that she could shove down her throat or make herself sick. So, she joins a group therapy for chronically ill patients. They were either dying cancer patients or had other incurable diseases. Our heroine thought she was in heaven. That it was her opportunity to shine. She came up with this ridiculous lie about having MS, just to be part of the "VIP" circle.
To me, it seemed an unfathomable luxury to be a cancer patient. The world was made to sympathize with cancer patients. They were heroes of billboards on the interstate, of touching ads with tender music that interrupted our favorite TV shows.
Seven months? That was it? Seven short months since the dude had been diagnosed and he was sick enough to want to die? (What a heartless bitch! She says all that because she missed a few hugs while growing up?)

I was there because I wanted to be like them, because I worshipped the mutation in their genes, the stumble and stutter of their limbs.Wasn't imitation the highest for of flattery?

It seemed that she had everything figured out. She had fooled every therapist she spoke to, she knew how to talk to them and how to act. That's what made me think that she wasn't completely out of her mind. She's not stupid, but very self-centered and egotistical.

But here is some good news. The book is very well written. The heartbreaking scenes were heartbreaking (like meeting at the hospital and the conversations among patients) and gross scenes were absolutely disgusting (scenes with heroine injecting stuff or describing how her body looked like afterwards).

I absolutely loved Drew and his gang. Loved everything about him. He was a beautiful soul. He is also the reason that I started to hate Her that much more, because I thought that she didn't deserved him. I loved Drew's friends too. What a fun bunch. I know they were all dying, some sooner than later, but their attitude towards life was very inspiring.

Towards the end of the book you see that she is realizing that what she is doing is not right, but she has already done so much damage that I couldn't feel sorry for her even if I tried. Yes, she did try to help one of Drew's friends, but then there were drama with her mama that made her look even bigger bitch than she already was. You see, she discovered that her mother loved to sip something stronger to help her to get through the day, and that water in her water bottles wasn't a water. But who the f@ck is she to be judging her mother and accusing her of being a liar? Mother wasn't about to receive an award for being mother of the year, but she just didn't know how to deal with her daughter and found comfort in the bottom of the bottle. She did the best she could, drove her to ER every time she made herself sick, went to numerous therapist with her. What else can you do when your daughter refuses to get help? Let me clarify, we aren't talking about a nine year old girl, we are talking about 19 year old here, who should know a thing or two. Her mother obviously needed help too, but when the sh!t hit the fan, she got it. I think in order for the healing to take place the "sick" one have to want to get better. Which our heroine did not. She just kind of snapped out of it towards the end.

After I finished the book it got me thinking. Did the heroine really loved the boy, or she just loved the attention she got from him? He absolutely adored her, well, not her, but that fictional character she created.

One more thing. Why is this book called Secret for a Song? Yes, Dew played the guitar, but it's not like she tolled him the truth because she heard him play. I think he played only twice or three times during the story and she didn't ran after him confessing stuff to him. So what's the deal?

I didn't enjoy the story. To be honest, I barely got through it, because I couldn't stand Saylor.