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Dark Desire (Dark Brother, #2) - Bec Botefuhr The ending of the first book should have been a clue not to bother with the second book.

Heroine comes back from 6 weeks vacation from Hawaii with her new gay best friend. She will use him to make Jagger jealous and win him back. But wait, she doesn't want him, because he hurt her. She keeps telling him to get lost when he texts or calls her. She even threw him out of her apartment when he came by to talk. But, she still gonna go to the party that his friend is trowing, to seduce and get Jagger back. WTF?!?!?!?

Willow is all of a sudden this tuff chick. F@ck this and f@ck that, what the f@ck and who's the f@ck is all you hear coming out of her mouth (aside from Jagger's 4 piercings). Excuse me, but just because she learned how to squeeze 20 f@cks in a five word sentence doesn't make her tough!!!

So, her plan goes up in smokes because Jagger doesn't get jealous, but at the end of the night they end up getting back together (???). Then there is a scene where they are totally waisted and one of the gangsters looses a bet and runs down the street butt naked. Not very gangster-like behavior. Characters who were ruthless gang members, with murderous glares and no BS personalities, turn into high school boys.

Oh, his aunt Mary comes for a visit. There are few pages of her complaining about Willow's meat being dry and accusing her of having a disorder. She says Jagger shouldn't be with her because that girl is not good enough, Sharleen (his wife, she's the chick that showed up out of nowhere at the end of the second book) is much better. She is lovely and smart and he should be with her. What the hell? The bitch goes around punching people!

Then Willow gets kidnaped by Jagger's father, who apparently have had hots for her since the first time he laid eyes on her. He is going to make her his sex slave. WHAT??? Someone shoot me please!

I'm sure the rest 20% of the story is just as amazing, but I'm DNF-ing this greatness and returning for refund.