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Untitled (Masters of the Shadowlands, #7) - Cherise Sinclair For me, it was disappointing. This book was somewhere in-between bad and just ok. I think at this point I'm over Shadowlands series.

I was exited to start this one, because of Sam. I thought it will be interesting and intense read, but it turned out to be somewhat vanilla-ish. And it's not Cherise Sinclair's fault. I think it's because Tiffany Reisz ruined me for any other sadists and masochists out there :-).

I did not care for Linda at all. I understand she has been through hell and back, but she was very depressing to read about. She was having one helluva pity party. I get the flashbacks, but I haven't seen her doing much about the situation she was in. I would expect a woman of her age to be a little bit stronger and more logical about it. I started skimming after about 20% in so I didn't catch her age, but since her kids are grown I'm guessing she is in her fifties. Before you start throwing stones at me I want to say that I can only imagine that what she have been through is horrible and can seriously f@q a person up, but I like my women in books strong. And she was anything but. You are allowed to feel hurt and feel sorry for yourself, but there comes a time when you have to snap out of it and find a way to move on. She did absolutely nothing about it. Sam was the one that pulled her out of her funk. I didn't agree with his methods, but I will come back to that. Plus, she was stammering way too much, which was annoying. She couldn't make a coherent sentence.
"I..." Linda blinked her own tears. (...). I didn't want..."
I-I appreciate what you did. (...). About the shower. I wanted to..." There was no easy way to talk about his.(...) "But I can't be that way except..."
They...they kept us under control. (...). I need to know - to agree to - "
And when you yanked me into shower, I..." (...) because they... conditioned... me (...)"
"If there is a reason. More than you just want to...to..."

Are you kidding me? Who talks like that? Certainly not a woman her age.

I liked Sam in the beginning. He was very cool. He is mature, smart, knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Although I didn't like Linda, their chemistry was believable. I started to have problems with him when he started to use sex as a tool to fix Linda. It felt wrong. It's not like they were two people who just had an argument and had make-up sex to reconnect. She had some serious issues and needed professional help. That's what made this whole story so unrealistic for me. Why couldn't he leave serious stuff to a professional and do his kinky stuff afterwards?

"That's not good trigger word to have, though." He pulled back and cupped her cheek. "I'll work on getting you passed that."
"I..." Lovely. "Do all Doms try to fix things?"
The lines fanning out from the corners of his eyes depend. "Yep."

How in a world would he know that? He is a farmer. If you truly care about someone you will suggest that they will seek a professional help and not take upon your self to fix it.
Another thing that was bugging me was him constantly calling her a girl. He himself said that he liked her because of her age, she was still sexy as hell to him, but he loved that she was his age and I think he had some kind of wrinkle fetish :-). Which is fine :-). So why did he called her a girl over a 100 times? You show me a woman of her age that likes to be called a girl. That is ridiculous. She is a woman! Treat her like one and talk to her like one.
"Talk to me, girl. Look at me, girl. Strip, girl. Stay with me, girl. There is a good girl. Do it here, girl."
And it went on and on and on.

Another thing that annoyed me was when he decided to speak to her kids. Yes, they were giving her sh!t, but it wasn't his place to do that. That was another thing that made Linda look week. She can't even talk to her kids.
Job almost done. Wrap it up. "So. Your mama might like sex with a side dish of kink, (...).
Who is he to talk to them like that?! He saw them once before that!
I get that he felt overprotective of her, but still.

But here is the thing that pissed me off the most. I refuse to believe that we live in such ignorant world where every stranger looks down on someone who have been through something like Linda. Every place she went people were whispering things such as:
Keen hearing sometimes a curse, she thought. And hating herself for the weakness, she listened anyway.
"That's right. They kept her as a slave." The older woman. ('said' is the word that is missing here).
The churchwoman said, "A sex slave."
Linda felt as if her legs would give out.
"Really?" Lawrence leaned forward. "You think she - "
On the left, the older women were gossiping.
Hearing Linda's name, he straitened.
The plump one was whispering, "...she...a slave. I heard she..."
"Then she asked for it, didn't she?"
"(...) ...got what she deserved."

Every goddamn stranger she or he overheard was whispering the same thing. Come on!

This book wasn't fun. In the last couple of books by Cherise Sinclair Shadowlands felt more like a rehabilitation center rather the BDSM club. When did sex stopped being about fun? My most favorite of hers is Make Me Sir, after that, every book after that felt more depressing that the previous one.

For now, I'm saying bye bye Shadowlands.