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Exquisite - Ella Frank,  Natalie Ballard (Editor) ***2.5 disapointing, a little bit sexy, frustrating and repetitive stars***

Things that I liked:

Mason - loved him at first. He is Chicago's most eligible bachelor, smart, sexy and owns his own restaurant.


He is good at what he does and loves his job,


and he looks sexy while doing it :-D.


I loved his relationship with his sister and his mother. The way he treated them made him that much more likable.
His first encounter with Lena was hilarious. Very nice start to their relationship :-).

Lena - I liked her too, in the beginning.
She is strong, independent, smart, can be cold and bitchy sometimes :). I was exited to get to know her better, because she seemed the f@cked up one, out of the two of them. Mason noticed that right away and was on a mission to brake down her walls. Boy did he ever :).

Those two had quite a few sweet, sexy and funny moments.

Things I didn't like:

There was a scene where Lena practically called Mason a manwhore.
"If you google this fine man here it'll show how many redheads, brunettes and blonds he's had ahhh, what did you call it, a good night with. That lady was number thirty four. For this year alone! Who knew someone could be so very talented to juggle that many women around."
"Lena stop it."
"Oh and do you know this man well?" he heard Peter ask.
"Oh yes. I was wednesday night. You see. I was planning on being number thirty four, but I guess I got pushed out of the way."

I would have giggled it off and wouldn't have thought about it twice if she wouldn't have done it in his restaurant, in front of his staff and full restaurant of customers. For me, that scene ruined her character. One thing to say something like that in private, but to humiliate him like that in public, not okay.
What made it worse was the fact that he actually forgave her. Which emasculated him in my eyes. No self respected man should run after a crazy bitch who pulls a trick like that.
Now, imagine if roles were reversed. A guy comes to your work and calls you a slut, accuses you of sleeping with all of the city, in front of your colleagues and clients/patients. Would you forgive him and run after him? I know I wouldn't. For some reason, when a woman does it, it's meant to look funny and nobody makes too much fuss about. Is it because it's a woman and that's what women do, bitch and complain?

After that incident at the restaurant I could not take them seriously and it ruined the rest of the book for me.
Also, the first couple of sex scenes were fun and steamy, but after a while, they felt repetitive. There were to many "mouthed", "whispered" and "said softly" for my liking. I didn't like Lena complaining about Mason not knowing her name. He did knew her first name, her problem was that he didn't know her last name. I didn't get why it was such a big deal. Is it american thing, to introduce yourself with a full name the first time you meet someone? I understand when it's business related, but when it comes to dating, is it necessary? Anywho...

At this point I'm not sure if I'll be reading the next book in the series. I'll think about it.