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Bound by Vengeance (SKALS, #2) - Adriana Noir ***4 Sebastian-you-sicko stars***

Holy cow this one was a heavy one. The evil psycho, aka Sebastian, is still alive and kicking, beating on an innocent woman.


There is not much I can say. Sebastian was still being His Royal Evilness, and Taylor was still clinging to his thigh.
I really don't get Taylor. What Kool-Aid is she sipping on? I was hoping that in this book a lightbulb would go off in her head and she will get some kind of moment of clarity. I'm mean, she has to know that what he does to her is not alright. I get that she is a type of person that sees the good in a person first, but there must be a limit. The woman has zero self worth.
"You have your moments," she confessed. "But you can also be the sweetest, most adorable man on the face of the planet." Say whaaa....t??? Who is this amazing man she is talking about?
She'd never felt worthy of Sebastian in the first place. He was handsome, yes, but there was so much more. Again, say whaaa...t???
Sebastian tilted his head back with a lazy smile and ran his hands over the curve of her hips. "You are so good to me."
"It's nothing compared to what you do for me."
And one more, say whaaa...t???

I don't mind her being clueless, my disbelieve aside, her character was very well written. I don't see her as being a woman in love, I look at her as a victim, a girl with some serious family issues which drove into a hands of a monster. My biggest problem with her, and the main reason that I gave it 4 stars, was lack of informations about her family problems that made her the way she is. I felt that there was an important piece of information missing that could have explained her behavior. That could made me understand her better.

As for our dearest Sebastian. I still hate him, but I enjoy every minute of it :-).

His character is very well written. He is dark, twisted, intimidating and controlling son of a bitch.
As rediculous as it sounded, he'd known that day in the woods that Taylor was the one. The submission was written in her eyes. He could feel it rolling off her. Sebastian's mouth curved with the memory.
I found Sebastian fascinating. I do believe he loves her, in his own sick way, and that freaked the hell out of me. He enjoys watching Taylor tiptoeing around him, flinching every time he touches her. Sick, just sick.
He won't be going onto my book-boyfriend shelf any time soon, but I liked him for the evil that he was (What?).

There was one scene I didn't like. It wasn't that big of a deal, but still. The scene where Sebastian and his team got ambushed. It felt a little like a cheep trick that a lot of action movies use. The car doesn't explode from a bullet to a fuel tank :-) (thanks to Mythbusters for the info :-D).

Oh, and thanks for keeping your word and cutting back on giggles and chuckles, Adriana, much appreciated ;-). Sebastian was much more scarier half smiling or smirking, rather than constantly chuckling. He chucked a lot in the first book and that annoyed the hell out of me.

I'm off to wait for the next book. I wonder what Sebastian wanted to talk to Taylor about...