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Unteachable - Leah Raeder ***3 forbidden stars***


Here is the thing. I loved the book for the fact that it was a hard-to-put-it-down-er, it's fast paced and brilliantly written, I read it in one sitting with only a short nap in between :-). But, and it's a big but, I had one huge issue with the story, which was a deal breaker for me and the main reason for me giving 3 stars. I'll get back to it.


Loved her at the beginning. She is funny, gritty and sarcastic. She is smart (for her age), but she is also a girl with a lot of daddy issues that f@cked her up big time, and sometimes, she doesn't know her left foot from her right foot. She jumps from one older guy to another, looking for love in all the wrong places. That's how she meets Evan.

It's all fun and games at first, until it's not. They have a lot of good moments, fun conversations and oh-so hot encounters. Until... Until they find out that he is a teacher and she is his student. It's still fun, the secret glances, barely-there touches, the stolen kisses and secret meetings... Maise is over the moon, it's exiting.

Now this one is an exotic fruit, who has barely legal girl fetish. The younger, the better. I know it sounds sick, but that's how I saw him. He has a history of getting involved with his students. What? You say it was only two girls? I say it's two girls too many.
I liked him at first. I actually thought that as wrong as their relationship was, it was sweet, romantic and fun. Until his secret came out about him getting involved with a 17 year old student in his previous job. I wanted to kick myself for like him.
"I had a relationship with a student," he said.
"A highschool girl," I said.
"How old?"
He sighed, long and deep. His shoulders had a concave, defensive arc. "Seventeen when it started. Eighteen when it ended."
"She was infatuated with me. And I made a huge mistake in returning it."
No shit, Sherlock!
After this, I couldn't look at his character the same way, and all of their previous encounters didn't look fun, romantic or hot anymore. I saw him as a man abusing his position to get his rocks of with a young girl.

In the middle of all that we have Wes. I absolutely loved him, even more so after he showed his movie. His character sparked quite a discussion amongst my GR friends, which was fun :-). I came to a conclusion that if you love Evan and Maise, you will hate Wes, and if you love Wes, you will hate Evan and Maise :-).
I thought he used his project as a last resort to show Maise how wrong her relationship with Evan was. Yes, his method was a bit harsh, but desperate times called for desperate measures. It was said that he betrayed their friendship and humiliated her. I thought he did no such thing, because of the way he made his movie. Only those involved knew what that movie was about. It's not like he revealed to the whole class that she was sleeping with her teacher. Plus, he gave her numerous opportunities to come and talk to him, which she did not. Maise wasn't without a fault either. She lied to Wes over and over again. He opened his heart and his home to her, introduced her to his family who embraced her with open arms, and that's how she repaid him? While she was getting cosy with his mother and sister, she was lying her butt off, and Wes knew that. If you were in Wes's position and a friend was doing something like that to you, how would that make you feel?

Bottom line:

Maise kept saying that she learned a lot from her relationship with Evan. What exactly did she learned?
At the end Maise was the same Maise I met on the first page: a girl looking for attention from older man, because she haven't gotten that from her father. Is that why this book is called Unteachable?

I would have given 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact that Evan had an affair with 17 tear old student. That made him look like he has a pattern of seducing his students, made him look like an old pervert with taste for young flesh. I also hate the fact that they end up together. I don't believe they were in love. I saw them as two people with a lot of issues using each other to fill the void that other people in their lives left. I can easily imagine Evan after couple of years drooling over yet another of his students, because Maise became too old for him. He did say that her being young is the big part of why he liked her. What happens when she gets older? I'm sure he will go looking for another young thing.

All and all, I loved the writing, it was fast paced and hard to put it down. I'll defiantly be reading the next book by this author.

Thanks for reading it with me, Alex. Good times :-).