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Talk Dirty To Me - Jack  Greene ***1 I'm-yet-to-hear-someone-talking-dirty stars***
DNF at 60%. It's a novella and I still couldn't finish it.

It was pornish, whiny and boring.

Our main male character, Adam, is a lawyer, single guy who feels that there was always something missing in his relationships. It's implied that he is some kind of kinkster, with a taste for something extra, but never said what.
Upuntil now he've been only with women, but he always thought about how it would be to be with a guy, just never acted on it. One day, he pep talks himself up and decides to call a hot line (Seriously, dude? That's how you want to come out of the closet?). And it gets more ridiculous after that. He asks for a specific guy, the one he saw a picture of on their website. The guy is a whore personified. Their conversations are sleazy, boring and just meh.
He stared at the picture on his screen. "Hi, Casey," he finally said.
"You asked for me specifically," Casey went on, sounding pleased.
Casey laughed, almost a giggle. Adam was entranced by it.
"Yes, it's really me," he said. "You like that? You like me?"
"Oh, God. Yes, so much," Adam groaned. "You are like my fantasy."
Oh, Lord.
The rest of the story goes on just like you would imagine. Yeah, take your boxers off, now touch your big... A lot of groaning and moaning. Whatever! Phone call ends and Adam thinks it was the best orgasm he have ever had. That is just sad. He calls back again and again. Casey keeps calling him baby, sexy and sweetie. After awhile Adam wants to meet Casey. They meet and the first thing Casey says is:
Casey's eyes widened. "Adam? Og my God." He smiled and turned even prettier. "
"That bad?" still stunned by Casey's beauty. The picture didn't do him justice.
Casey gasped. "Of course not! Why didn't you tell me how handsome you are?"
I DNF-ed it right after.
A lot of "oh my god, you are so pretty, sexy, handsome, baby, touch this, touch that, you like that don't you" stammering and being lost for words.