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Touch & Go - Lisa Gardner Loved it!

One night, parents come home from their date, open the door to their house and walk into a nightmare. Three armed men kidnaps the parents and their 15 year old daughter. When the police starts the investigation, some things doesn't add up :-).
The main parts of the story is told from Libby's (she is the wife and the mother), one of the private detectives, and a policemen's point of views. PD's and policemen's point of views gives you the insight into how investigation is going, and Libby's point of view gives you the truth about her family and who they really are behind closed doors. On the outside they appear to be your regular suburban family, hard working father and a good husband, beautiful and smart wife and a mother, and a 15 year old who almost never talks to her parents, texts a lot and hangs out with her friends. Norma, right? But as you get to read more of Libby's monologues, you see how f@cked up they all really are. It turns out that their marriage is falling apart, parents are sleeping in separate rooms, doesn't talk much, haven't had sex in ages, Libby is popping pills like candies, Justin (the husband) works long hours, almost never home, cheated on his wife with some skank, and they know absolutely nothing about their daughters life outside the house.
On the night that they got kidnaped, they were coming back from a date, they haven't had date in a long time, they both have had enough and wanted to work things out and make it right. But that is not even a half of the story.

After questioning some witnesses, Justin's coworkers and even his mistress, police, detectives and FBI suspects that it was an inside job. It is pretty clear for the readers as well. But the one thing they can't figure it out is if they are doing it for the money or is it something personal and someone wants a revenge. Kidnappers know absolutely everything about the family, their history, which includes some pretty personal information, and their financial situation. And the weirdest thing of all is that kidnappers tell to Libby and Justin that they don't want the money. Hours and days go by, and there is no ransom demand. According to the police is not a good sign.

While Libby's family is being held captive, they are finally forced to talk, put their own bull sh!t aside and come up with the plan how to get out of there. But it's not easy, because they find out that it's Justin's company who build a security system for the place their are kept in, and to their misfortune, he is the best in the country at what he does. Escape is impossible. They need to come up with another plan, and they do. But before that, all kinds of f@cked up things happen to them in there. It was pretty difficult to read through it. Then it turned out that their plan wasn't as brilliant as they thought it would be.

In the mean while, police, detectives and FBI discover all kinds of weird things about their family, and at this point, anyone and everyone is a suspect. Not only I suspected a lot of his coworkers and board members, I thought that at times, both Libby, Justin and their daughter, were being full of sh!t. But every time I was sure I knew who did it, there was a small part that was told from one of the kidnappers point of view, that completely threw me off track :).

The ending was brilliant, very f@cked up, but brilliant. I wouldn't say it was a happy ending for anyone who was involved. Maybe for few people, but that depends on who's side a reader is on ;-).

Good writing, fast paced and a very interesting story. Can't wait for L. Gardner's next book.