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Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3) - Tarryn Fisher ***3 I'm-so-disapointed-I-want-to-cry stars***


I love Olivia and Caleb, I'm going to miss them terribly, but that's not the ending I wanted for them. I know a lot of people loved it, but I can't help but want to ask, what were you thinking, Tarryn Fisher? I don't thinks it's possible to throw more stuff at them than it was done in this book. Why? Choose one thing and stick to it.


I wish I could understand why author chose to write the last book the way she did. Maybe it was her way of ending things with a bang, since she loves putting her character through a grinder, I loved that about her books, too. But I thought, that that last book in the trilogy is not a place to be introducing them to new challenges, they have enough of old problems unresolved, questions unanswered.

I absolutely loved Caleb, the things he said to Olivia, the way he was willing to fight for her. It was beautiful and heartbreaking. Olivia was still a little wild animal, but that's alright :). I just wish she would have fought for him as much as he did for her.

Here are things that bothered me:
Now, don't get me wrong, I love Olivia dearly, but the truth is, she is lying and conniving little bitch. Her moral compass stopped working looong time ago. How come, all of a sudden, she wants to do the right thing and work on her marriage?

Then we have a little girl who's paternity is in question. She is his, she is not, she is his, she is not. OMG! Why? Why? Then there is a custody battle, because she turns out to be his, and then there is no battle because, well, she is not his after all. But wait, she is his daughter. What the hell?

There was so much going on. Caleb trying to convince Olivia they belong together, trying to figure out is he or is he not the father of the baby. The Red where still lying her ass off, Olivia's husband was up to something.... Then there is a car crash, some fighting for their lives, others dying. There were also a lot of trips back to memory lane, which didn't revealed much, I already knew that because it was told from Olivia's and Red's pov, and now from Caleb's.
What is going on? What is this last book about?

The epilogue pissed me of the most. A cancer? Are you f@ckign kidding me? I mean, come on! What am I suppose to make of it? I guess Fisher was trying to show that there is nothing those two can't handle. But I ALREADY KNEW THAT from the first two books!!! At this point, I'm just sad, I feel like author didn't do right by her characters. That's not the ending Olivia and Caleb deserved :-(.