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Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha Interesting read. I saw it as a suggestions on Amazon. The cover caught my eye, and the description sounded interesting, but it turned out to be much more than I expected.

The story was very different from other books in the same genre, that I have read. I usually don't enjoy these type of books, because I have noticed that often the main focus is sex and there is not much in between. I get it, it is erotica, a lot of sex is expected, but a lot of fail creating chemistry between characters. I like my characters to be seduced :-).

I was glad that the woman in this story had skills outside the bedroom walls too. It was nice for a change. Because many of the author in this genre tend to focus mainly on the kinky stuff and most of the time it feels that everything in between is not important and ends up not making any sense, like its some random babbling just to fill up the space. It's not the case in this story. Everything is on point, relevant and interesting.

Don't even get me started on Him. Yummy, that's all I can say :-).
It was interesting read, to say the least. From the way the story ended looks like there will be sequel coming up, which I will be reading :).