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Beyond Control - Kit Rocha 5 KINKIEST STARS I HAVE EVER GIVEN!!!!


Beyond Control is the second book in the Beyond series and my favorite so far. What ever fantasies are cooking in your head, this book has it :).
Interesting, uber-kinky, funny, super hot, emotional and even a little dark story.
Story takes place in some post apocalyptic place.
City is divided into sectors. You get a feeling of chaos and disorder.
Dallas O'Kane is the leader of a sector 4.
"Rough, hard and unforgiving. A force of nature. And, like a storm, he has no mercy."

He fights for the equality and freedom in general. The only things he asks for is loyalty, hard work and respect, for him and one another. There are no moochers or free loaders. Nobody works for anybody. Everybody are working together to help each other, to have basic necessities and keep the sector safe.
Sector 4 provides safe haven to rebels, outcasts and others who refuse to obey the rules made by power and money hungry leaders of other sectors.
Men do pretty alright, what ever sector they belong to, but women is a whole another story.
Other leaders think he's a thug, that there is no order or rules in that place, but there is. Oh, the horror! Women are allowed to get pregnant whenever they want to and whomever they want with, work what ever they want and wonder around freely :-D.
The only thing I was iffy about was the prostitution in his sector. Which made me almost regret drooling over Dallas for 300 pages :). But it was explained that people choose freely what they want to work. No one is forced into anything. They all have the same rights and are treated as equals. They all are provided with housing and security.

Lex have been living in sector 4 for quite a while. 9 years, if I remember correctly. She is no BS type of woman.
They have been tiptoeing around each other for a while, but none of them were ready to jump into it for different reasons. He thinks she is not ready for the type of relationship he wants and she thinks he won't be able to handle her.
At the beginning of the story I was wondering who is going to end up on top in the end :-D.
She came from sector two, which is ruled by a ruthless and unforgiving bitch (and I don't mean it in a good way). Lex has an attitude "No more. I will never kneel or crawl for anybody." Until she gets involved with Dallas that is :-D.
She is tough, just as he is, but she can be a good little kitten when she wants to :). He wants obedience and she is all "When hell freezes over." He doesn't force her. He wants her to want it, and she does, but she will crawl for him only if he treats her like an equal. And oh boy does he screw things up from time to time.
As cute as he was when he messes things up, I was on Lex's side. Because I'm a woman myself and I thought that sometimes he was being full of sh!t.
But he did make up for his douchebaginess :-). And it's all about learning from our mistakes anyway, right? :-)
There was a lot of this
"Control, Lex. I want it. Sometimes I'll want you to give it to me. Sometimes I'll want to take it. You need to be right with both."

And this
"His eyes sparked, and his slow smile promised sex, the kind where you came so hard you'd ache for days."
"Obedience, Lex. I'm going to take it tonight." Rough fingers grazed her inner thigh. "But you go ahead and be as sassy as you want. I'll get off on shutting you off."

And even this :)
Dallas and Lex is all about letting people be them selfs and being the creators of their own lives. As long as you don't hurt anybody, go wild.

Aside from steamy scenes, there is very interesting story happening. It reminded me a lot of the actual world we live in :).

"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Even Dallas almost lost his way couple of times. Lucky for him, he had Lex to set him straight :-).
They fought just as rough as they made love.

"Do what? Should I whine and complain like a little bitch I am so you can pat me on the head and buy me something pretty to shut me up?"
Dalas exploded. The chair shattered under his hands, and he flung the pieces away, upending the table in the process. Plates crashed and shattered, the bottles clattered and rolled..."
He slapped his hands to the wall on either side of her head. "Stand up to me. F@cking fight me, Lex. Not okay, Alexa. You can shout at me, you can throw things at me, you can do your f@cking best to slip that knife between my ribs, but you do not ignore me."

The interesting thing about it was I didn't know who's side to take, they both had good arguments. Thank God common sense won in the end :). But I do have a feeling there are quite a few challenges ahead.

All and all, well written, very interesting and enjoyable story. Can't wait for the 3th book.