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The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz
Full review posted 03.08.2013.

* * * This book was beautiful, sad, sweet, scary, mysterious, heartbreaking, kinky, happy, intense and all kinds of orgasmic. Ginormous 5 stars from me :-D.* * *

Dear Lord, Tiffany Reisz outdid herself this time. This is my favorite book in these series so far.

If you haven't read at least the first book in the series, do not read further.

In her previous books there were characters I liked and characters I loved, in this one, I fell head over heals with ALL of them.

If you've read previous book, you know what happened to Nora. She found herself in a very bad situation. I think I've said that already, in one of my updates, but I'm going to say again: Nora is the worse captive ever :-D. She was really trying her captors patients. The woman has balls the size of two watermelons :-D. Even though most of the time she was cracking jokes and insulting her captor, you could see that she was scared shitless. It was nice to see the softer side of Nora. I fell in love with her even more.

Poor Wesley, I really felt bad for him. Poor kid is hopelessly in love with Nora. When she went missing he was loosing his mind, hyperventilating, his blood sugar was through the roof, he didn't know what to do with himself. I loved his conversations with Kingsley and Søren. Loved it even more when he finally buried the hatched with those to. He wanted to hate them so badly, but how could he, after he got to know them better.
But I did have a problem with him towards the end. I won't take any stars because of it, because I loved the story as a whole, but my god, Wes. WTF, dude??!! I see Kingsley's and Søren's stories have rubbed off on you ;-). He was the only good/vanilla guy in the series, and now... Apparently when Nora took his virginity his soul fallowed :-D. Tsk, tsk, Wesley.

There wasn't much of Griffin in this book, but Tiffany Reisz made sure that as little appearance as he had, that he won't be forgotten :-D. It was nice to see that him and his little angel are still going strong.

I can't fan-girl about him enough. I wish Kingsley was a real person :-D. I love you, you french f@cker :-).
In The Mistress we got to read more about his relationship with Søren and Nora. As kinky and kind of f@cked up as their relationship is, it is also beautiful and even sweet. Tiffany Reisz managed to convince me that their love triangle can and will work. Which is mind-blowing, because I would've never imagined something like that working in a real life. That just shows how brilliant Reisz is.
I loved, LOVED, Kingsley's encounters with Wesley and Nora.

Søren's character is the hardest one for me to describe. I'm lost for words. What kind of kinky f@ckery is cooking in Tiffany's Reisz head? How in a world did she came up with him?
We got to read a lot about Søren in this book. He tells these bizarre stories with such calm and ease , it freaks me out :-S. Søren is out of this world. I have a hard time imagining someone like him existing in real life. There is no way a person could be so... dark and twisted and so good and loving at the same time. He was a definitely a martyr in this book. He was the one that turned the other cheek. How suiting :-). I loved his struggles and his week moments. I felt his loss and his pain.
Dear Lord, the scene towards the end, with Nora kneeling in front of him, the things they said to each other, was heartbreaking and oh-so beautiful.
The way he quotes bible, the advices he gives to other, are just... uh. I love him, that's all I can say :-D.

But here is the freakiest thing about this book: after reading this book I actually wanted to go to church. My god, of all the books in the world, this kinky f@ckery got me thinking about god. I guess Søren spoke my language :-D.

As for the ending. WTF? I still can't wrap my head around it. Why was Søren laughing? What did Zachary told him? I have my theory, but I'm not sure I want to be right about it. Ugh!!! Tiffany, hurry with the next book, will ya ;-).

I won't comment on writing, character development or the plot, it's the fourth installment in the series and if you've read at least one book in the series, you know that no words are necessary, it's superb.io