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Abducted (The Lizzy Gardner Series, #1) - T.R. Ragan The not so amazing Spiderman.


Creepy, scary, heartbreaking, sad and amazing story.
The most disturbing part of it was that there were parts written from killers point of view. You could see how cold and merciless he is towards his victims.

He thinks of him self as a hero, as someone who is doing a favor to the society by punishing bad girls who disrespects their elders. Right then you know that dude has some serious either daddy or mommy issues, but you don't know what triggered that crazy behavior.

Lizzy was the only victim who managed to escape. She lied, told him what he wanted to hear, befriended him, said and did what ever he wanted, to get away.
14 years later she still have nightmares about it. You would think that her escaping his captivity and coming home should have brought peace and happiness. Nope. There is a lot of jealousy, guilt and mistrust between her parents and her, her sister and her, between her father and mother, and between her ex-boyfriend and her. He was the one who drove her home that lethal night when she got kidnapped.

14 years goes by and there is another girl found by the lake, with a message addressed to Lizzy... She gets a call from her ex who is now a detective working on the case. There is a lot of bad memories and anger, but the right thing needs to be done.

The story wasn't much of a mystery. Readers could easily figure it out who the killer was, some time after 70%. But you still wouldn't be able know if or how they going to catch a Spiderman. Like Lizzy said, he doesn't have a tattoo "I'm a serial killer." on his forehead. He looks like average Joe. For all you know he could be your neighbor, your teacher, your swimming coach your doctor or even your boyfriend, lover or a husband.

Disturbing, but very well written story. Loved it.