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Extinguish - J.M. Darhower Fantastic read! Well deserved 5 stars!

Another amazing read from J.M Darhower. Very different from authors first book, but still just as good.
This story is about good vs evil, and oh-so-good grey place in-between :-D.

After reading this book hell doesn't sound so bad, actually it sounds like a place I would like to visit (WHAT?). Yep! :).

This story is about an angel, Serah, that is send to hell to negotiate with Lucifer and convince him to stop the madness. They first meeting didn't go very well. The thing is, Serah is kind of with Michael, and he is Lucifer's brother (we all know the story), they have a looooong history together :).
"You want to talk to me angel? You want to have that conversation? Come back when you don't stik so fucking much."
As hastily as he'd emerged, he vaporized, disappearing back into the blackness, leaving her alone.
Apparently she smelled like Michael :).
"No, tell me," he continued. "I want to know how your, uh, extracurricular activities with Mikey haven't landed you right down here with me. Last time I checked, sweetheart, lust was still a sin."Good question, right :)?
In the beginning it gets you wondering. Why her? There are more capable angels in Gods army. She herself is confused, but being a good little angel that she is, doesn't question the authority. So why would He send her? Apparently, god used up all his tricks and decided to play dirty. It's never said in the book, but you can't shake the feeling that He knew all along what He was doing :).

Serah is not sure what she have to do or how she suppose to convince Lucifer to bend, but it's clear from the start that she won't be the one running the show. If you are in Lucifer's territory, you play by his rules. Oh, and about the rules, there aren't any! He is the king og his "castle" and he does what ever the f@ck he wants. It includes corrupting good little angels ;-).

What can I say about Luce. He is one twisted character. If you think he has any redeeming qualities, think again. He is satan for crying out loud! By the way, don't call him that, he really hates it :).
He has a very "healthy" attitude towards the world:
Lucifer, that sun of a gun, plays dirty. He is not about to give in. He's not planning to just bend over and let gods good little angels have their way with him. He has a plan of his own. Which he executes brilliantly. I wish I could hate him for it, he is such an evil creature, but I couldn't. I loved games that he played with Serah. poor thing didn't see it coming :-(.
He tilted his head back and closed his eyes, savoring the sensation that swarmed his body.
Lust was his favorite sin, without a doubt.

So, every time she comes down to hell, he pulls her in with his mind games. Serah is not stupid, but neither is Lucifer :). He stars mind@cking her like nobodies business :).
"Do you know what it's like to want something so badly, to need it, to feel like you can't go without it, only to have it dangled right in a front of your face? That torture, that mental torment, is worse than any physical pain you may perceive, angel, stronger than any fucking tingle my brother may bestow upon you when you take your dress off for him."She didn't know. But if you were her, wouldn't you want to find out, especially after he put it that way ;-)?
The moment comes and she caves. And what a glorious moment that is :-D.
"Tell me your body doesn't ache at the thought of me between your thighs, on top of you, inside of you, giving you what my brother never could-real feeling, the kind of feeling that makes you scream loud your throat feels like it's bleeding. Agonizing pleasure, the kind that torments your every thought, driving you to the brink of insanity only to pull you right back from the edge, over and over and over again. Unbearable pleasure, the kind that makes you beg for it to stop, but the moment it's over, you feel like nothing but empty, useless shell-a shell that needs more."Bastard, right :-)?

But the story doesn't revolve just around them. Her brother fell. Serah doesn't know neither why or how, but she discovers more and more as she talks to Lucifer. She has a feeling that there is something he's not telling, and she is right.

It's a very intense and passioned story. There is not much sex in the story, but the conversations between Serah and Lucifer are very seductive and fascinating :). Which often leaves her completely confused, because she isn't suppose to doubt gods word. Luce knows how to play that game :-).

I would go as far as calling this story a little bit controversial, because it can easily strike a nerve in those who are hardcore believers :).

The epilogue was a bit of a shocker. It left me with "WTF?" It was brilliant, but I'm still not sure if it was an open ending or a cliffhanger. I hope there will be a sequel.

Amazing, loved it!