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Knight & Play (Knight, #1) - Kitty French It didn't work for me.
My two stars are only for the sex, which was hot, but everything else was not.

Where do I start? I don't mind them having an affair, but what I do mind is her dropping her panties after knowing him only for two days. There were so meny wrongs with this story. I liked Lucian, because he never claimed to be anything other than himself and she knew it. And he stayed true to him self til the very end. I just couldn't understand why she got all pissy after a while. She knew what she was getting herself into. He never promised her anything more than a good time.

What annoyed me the most was her talking about value of marriage and how wrong cheating is and yet, she screwed him after knowing him less than 48 hours. She went from being vanilla trough and trough to a slut in a nano second. I would hold my mouth shut if she wasn't merried. Then, I would have said "Go for it honey." I didn't buy that she felt conflicted before going for it. She used only one day to think about it. That's what ruined the story for me. I would have liked for her to put more thought in it, before jumping into it.

On a second day they went to one of his clubs, she freaked out a little. Did she knew anything at all about the job she aplied for? He told her "Don't worry, it's only work, no play." What work exactly were you suppose to be doing there, Lucian? She ended up orgasming in every corner of the club. Then, he asks her to stay with him for a week, waving his dildos and threatening her with mind blowing orgasms. He said "Don't do it to get back at him. Do it for your self." Do you see what's wrong with this picture? And what does that even mean in this case? If he would have said that to someone who was unattached I would have said have at it. I don't blame him though, he looked like a dude who's moral compass was in some serious need of repair.

Then, they traveled to Norway, where their sexcapade continued. First of all, when she asks "Where are we going?", you don't say "Arctic Circle.". It would be the same as going to a travel agency and when a travel agent asks you "Where to?" you say "Arctic Circle.". I don't think the poor thing knew where she was all that time while they were there, because he never explained to her properly. It's Tromsø, you idiot. Are you even Norwegian?

Then, they go to the woods, where he ties her to a tree. I thought it was comical. You don't go to the woods in that area without a proper shotgun, otherwise you gonna be a meal to a polar bear. I wondered what would he have done if one would have showed up, while she was tied to a tree. Would he have started waving with his dildo and threatening the bear with mind blowing orgasm, too?

On the way back to London, she gets all pissy about him showing her pictures of her cheating husband with his mistress. I would have said thank you, but she started to call him a dick with no moral ground (it's not exact words, but that's what I got from it), she accused him of using her only for sex. The way she said it made it sound like she was hurt. But what did you expected? Lets get back to the beginning, when you accepted his proposal, shall we?

The ending was a bit rediculous. She comes home and finds a box with sextoys and thinks it's a very romantic gesture. She also finds a jewelry box with an arm bracelet in it, that belonged to his mother, and melts. Ew! Gross! I know that the sextoys were the ones that they have used and that it was meant to be a sentimental gift, but for me, it looked like he was giving his mothers sextoys to her (double ew!). Those gifts should not have been given on the same day, and especially as a one present.

All and all, nothing new, that haven't been written before. Okay-ish sex and not much of a story in between. Overall, disappointing.