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Driven (The Driven Trilogy, #1) - K. Bromberg *BR with Alex. We should do it more often ;-)*

You've got to be kidding me? Couldn't even finish, gave up at 43%. What a mess.


The story is absolutely ridiculous. We get yet another stupid thing falling out of some place and bumping into her prince charming. Can any of them walk a straight line anymore?


First there was Anna who fell into Christian's office, looked up and there he was. Then there was Eva who ran into Gideon, fell to her knees spilling her purse, looked up and there he was. Don't forget Catherine who caught the toe of her boot on a jagged edge and stubbled forward, right into William's arms. This time you get Rylee who falls out of a freaking closet, looks up and there he is, Colton. F@cking hell!


At 2% main characters were already sucking each others faces off. They just looked at each other and next thing you know, there is saliva splashing all over the place.


It's oh-so-good, there are rainbows everywhere and unicorns flying around, somewhere in the background angels are singing "Amazing grace". You get the picture.
I move my hands over the rasp of his unshaven jaw to the back of his neck and tug my fingers in the hair that curls over the top of his collar.
I'm drowning in the sensation of him, and yet I'm not willing to come up for the air I so desperately need.
My body is ready to consent to his request because I want this man too. I want to feel his weight on me, his bare skin sliding on mine.

Then suddenly she snaps out of it and gets all up in his face.
"Who the hell do you think you are? Touching me like that? Taking advantage of me that way?"

WTF??!!! Come again???!!!!! I was expecting two nurses to jump out at any moment, one holding a straight jacked and the other one syringe with a sedative, to take Rylee back to where she escaped from.

From that point on all of their encounters were about her calling him a dick, arrogant prick, and accusing him of taking advantage of an innocent girl. I wasn't sure what girl she was referring to, because the chick that felt out of the closet wasn't it.

She says he is full of sh!t, but so is she. At least he was honest about it, I can't say the same about her.


Everytime he comes up with some kinky proposition she is all: who do you think I am, some slut?
I suppress my anger at the nerve of Colton. I can't believe he's just said this.

But 2 seconds later, there are all kinds weird thing happening in her crotch area.
I watch his eyes narrow as I lick my lips. for all of a sudden it is rather hot in this conference room.

He buys her at the auction, well, not her, but a date with her. It's not as kinky as it sounds. It's all for a good cause, because money will go to charity. While Christian Grey is trying to cure worlds hunger, Colton is trying to save orphans. Good for you, dude! But she, good girl that she is *eye roll*, feels like a whore, or a cheep slut, that have been put on a display and sold like some sex slave. No one is asking you to spread your legs, jeeze, relax! Just meet the dude, have a cup of coffee, laugh it off and move on. But no, she goes on an on about how humiliating it was.


I wanted to DNF this book 5% into it, but I kept reading because I wanted to see if Colton could walk the walk. You see, he kept promising her mind blowing orgasms.
"Just know, Rylee, the best sex you will ever have... will be with me." He says in a low, hypnotizing voice.

But when we finally got to see him in action, all you got was: yeah, that's it, oh god, look at me, that's right.
Rylee was in seven heaven, saw stars and the whole shebang. From where I was reading, it was "Meh" at best. Apparently, Rylee gets off on clich├ęs.

That's all I have. Wasn't good, at all. Not even close to being mediocre in my opinion.