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Creep - Jennifer Hillier ***4 creepy, twisted and obsessive stars***

I liked the book. It's a good thriller, but I wouldn't call a psychological.
You have heroine who is a college professor and a sex addict, a student, who has a thing for her and a fiancé who is way over his head.
The beginning of the story was good. It's starts with her trying to end an affair with her student because she is getting married and it doesn't feel right. He doesn't take it very well and it brings a psycho in him. The treats, the blackmail... He puts not only her career in jeopardy but her relationship with her fiancé as well. He pulls some very nasty tricks on her.
I wasn't a big fan of her fiancé. I thought he was a hypocrite and a little bit of a drama queen.

I would have enjoyed the story more if it wasn't so predictable. I think the author revealed too much too early. I wish she would have kept some things from us readers and revealed them later. It still had a creep factor, but the mystery was gone. I think it would have been better with a fewer point of views.
If it wasn't for the twist towards the end I would have given 3 stars.

All and all, loved the writing and creepy and psychotic character.

Doing the Creep with Alex.