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The Prisoner (Broken, #1) - Kol Anderson ***1 star***

It's a completely unrealistic story.
I couldn't stand the whining captive. I get it, a person in his situation is allowed to complain about being in sh*t over his head, but what annoyed the hell out of me was the fact that he was in disbelieve that captor was doing all those things to him. Like he owed him something. Why the hell not? You don't know that person, you don't know what he is capable of, why are you shocked?
And Vincent's watching him, watching him do this to me.

I got the impression that our captive had some kind of expectations of Vincent. He was shocked that Vincent let all those things happen. Why? Vincent is not his friend, not his brother or a boyfriend. He is a man who bought him for an hour of fun and then decided to kidnap him (or at least that's what the captive knew). Where did those expectations of him being better man came from. Vincent treated him like dirt all that time and he was: why is he doing this to me? Like Vincent not suppose to be doing that.
Completely ridiculous. One eye roll for every time hero opened his mouth. Gave up at 60%.